The reprehensible gesture of Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero with one of Nicole Neumann’s daughters

Last Friday, December 8, Nicole Neumann lived one of the most dreamy moments of her life, she married Manu Urcera. His happiness was clearly shared by a hundred family and friends, but it was his daughters who brought him the most joy with her presence.

However, this situation was not to everyone’s liking, since Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte got upset with one of the girls. The reason is not well known, but everything seems to indicate that the fight comes from something that happened at the model’s wedding.

It should be remembered that the couple of the former soccer player and the panelist of Ariel en su Salsa are facing death with the jury of Los 8 Escalones del Millón. Unfortunately, those left in the middle are the three young women, Indiana, Allegra and Siena.

It seems that the relationship between the parents of Lucas with the daughters of the enemy Pampita changed completely. When everything was peace and love, it became a war of several open fronts, where once again the losers will be the girls in grown-up problems.


The information was revealed by one of the Mañanísima panelists, who did not give names, but did highlight the gesture of Viciconte and Cube against one of Nicole’s daughters: “They stopped following one of the daughters. And for me they are things that maybe one discusses and gets heated, but you can’t…”.

Majo Martino She was horrified by what she had just heard, so she managed to say: “You can’t stop following a child. Why…? For having gone to the mother’s wedding”. If you search on Instagram, Fabián is the only one who doesn’t follow her daughters. Allegra.

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