The respectful reunion of Valencia and Bordals: from the fights in the Coliseum to the praise


It is the first time that the Alicante coach faces the only team he has managed in First Division along with Getafe. Baraja defends his style: “he is legal because he gives them results”

José Bordals, on the Mestalla bench as Valencia coach in 2021.JA SANZBRAND

Tied at 19 points, with 17 goals for and the same 20 against, far from the bottom zone they were around but without the ability to trust that they will not suffer. Getafe and Valencia They will meet in the Coliseum with many unfinished business, although they prefer to be guided by respect.

It’s what you feel Jos Bordals for the only team, along with Madrid, that he has coached in First Division, the one that brought him closest to a title, the Copa del Rey of 2022 that he escaped due to penalties, and from which he left with the bitter taste in his mouth of being the first project that he economically strangled Peter Lim. In almost nothing his Valencia is similar to the current one, except that that forward who did not play for Getafe and who wanted to take him to Mestalla, Hugo Duro, is today one of the essentials along with a handful of talented homegrown players. Even so, Bordals asks for respect. I have great affection for Valencia because of everything I experienced and there are players who are still there. But you don’t live from memory and it is a very important game for Getafe and the Azulona fans, warns the Alicante coach.

There were tense duels in the League and Cup in the past, but since Bordals’ time on the Mestalla bench, his style is seen differently. Does not go up Rubn Baraja to the bandwagon of critical coaches with the proposal. I won’t be the one to do it. They are an intense team in duels, pressing, that does not let you have control of the game because they always press on the ball. You have to be prepared for the game you are going to face. But it seems absolutely legitimate to me, very valuable because it gives them results.highlighted the Valencia coach, who does not forget that no one has yet won at the Coliseum.

It’s going to be a game to be focused and feel it. We cannot be so lighthearted as to not see that each game is fundamental for the club. The Valencia player must be motivated to all fields, record. That’s why he wants to give value to the 80 minutes in which he had Girona on the ropes in Montilivi: Two specific actions and fatigue led us to lose, but he didn’t throw the rest away. The difference of looking up in the classification and taking a step forward is adding away from home.

Getafe is going to be a litmus test before the visit of bara to Mestalla Although Bordals will have to patch up the defense due to the losses of Alderete, Damin Surez and Diego Rico and Carmona’s doubt is dragging on, Baraja has not recovered José Luis Gay or Almeida, he has Pepelu and Diego López with some discomfort. In his eleven is Hugo Duro, who has never been well received in his house. Even Bordals has asked for understanding for the forward: I think it is unfair. During the time he was at Getafe, everyone at the club was happy that things were going really well for him.

Valencia needs its goals to stay in that half of the table because, despite the activation of the Ukrainian Yaremchuk with his goal in the Cup and the recovery of the young Alberto Mar, Valencia has a very difficult time making additions in the January market. The squad is short and full of youth players, but Peter Lim does not give the go-ahead to look for reinforcements.

It was in the Coliseum where on February 20 Baraja took on a team that flirted with relegation. He arrives at this day with exactly the same figures that Gattuso had. The face I had before that game will be very different from the one I have now. The feeling is that a step forward has been taken, but we must maintain this idea and we will have a good foundation for the future and make the club grow. The idea is none other than to add everything possible to ensure salvation as soon as possible.

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