The story of when Marcela Tauro was unfaithful and they discovered her

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If there is someone who knows everyone’s secrets in show business, it is Marcela Taurus. However, at the same time, she knows very well how to maintain her privacy, so every time she tells something about her life, everyone pays special attention.

A while ago, in Intruders, the panelist couldn’t help but join the debate about infidelities, contributing a personal anecdote that left her program colleagues speechless.

This story occurred because at the same time Mica Vázquez had told how she had suffered infidelities from Fernando Gago, as the situation became a central theme in Intruders, Marcela Tauro surprised with her own story.

“Infidelity is complicated… I lasted a week because I mixed up the names, imagine,” Marcela Tauro confessed, unleashing everyone’s curiosity. Flor de la V, laughing, commented jokingly: “The Taurus seems small but she has lived…”.

The journalist, without revealing names, made it clear that this episode occurred a long time ago, when she was younger and irresponsible, and preferred not to go into details to protect the image of those involved.

“I lasted a week,” Taurus revealed, capturing everyone’s attention. “It was a thousand years ago, when she was irresponsible. It’s stressful,” concluded the journalist, who has gone through various stages in her love life.

At that moment Marcela Taurus She was in a relationship with Martín Bisio, however, months later the journalist separated. Since then, the panelist has not been known to any other couple, but a few days ago she told Ciudad Magazine that she is experiencing a great moment within her single life. “I’m calm like this, they invite me out, but I’m in a calm stage. “I’m having a good time.”

When asked if she was “eating well” but without formalizing it, the journalist replied mischievously: “I’ll leave the title to you.”

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