the terrible fight between Furia and Agostina in which they almost came to blows

Julina and Agostina had a strong confrontation with which they made their differences clear. “I wouldn’t have saved you, you are ungrateful. There’s a reason you’re alone, and now I realize it. “You are a bad person,” the policewoman told Furia.

“Don’t be confused with me, huh? I am not one of these. Don’t be afraid of me, but have respect for me. Do you think that because you scream I have to close the door?” Agos continued, in the tremendous exchange with which they almost came to blows.

After the strong discussion, Furia reproached his former ally: “Thank you for leaving me alone. Now I see what you are like. You don’t even share a mate with me because I’m supposedly famous abroad.”

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