The tremendous family news that completely broke Jimena Barón

In a first video, you can see Marithe babysitter Morrison Osvaldo, answering the phone and excitedly confirming attendance at the event in question. And immediately Baron He said that his son had been chosen to escort the flag at the school’s end-of-year ceremony, in recognition of his good performance throughout the school year.

“They call us from school to tell us that Momo was chosen to escort the flag”wrote Jimena in her Story and then showed herself crying, overflowing with emotion, where she confided in front of her 6 million followers: “Everything is crying today, I just talked about Momo in the morning”.

It happens that a few hours before, Jimena Baron had shared a photo of Morrison reflecting how big he is, which had awakened his nostalgia for the passage of time when he saw that his son is already a little man.

Jimena Barón made an unexpected confession about the possibility of being a mother again

Without a doubt Jimena Baron He is in a great moment in his life. And she recently shared on different occasions her immense emotion and pride in acquiring her own home.

“My dream, with 27 years of work, was my house. I calculate that with a fireplace, grill and terrace, the time has come to open a wine and contemplate it, not imagine it anymore”he wrote in his profile post.

In the middle of the whole move, a process that he also shares on his networks, he decided to interact with his followers and enabled the question box.

It was there that a user asked her about the possibility of being a mother again. “Are you going to have another child?”, they wrote. With a photo of her excited, he did not rule out the idea and responded: “I think we all think so. Don’t we?”.

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