The unexpected event that occurred at GH that was a source of controversy: the reaction of the participants

A person climbed the wall of the GH house and had a conversation with some participants: “Do you know us?” (Video: Twitter)

Things happen every day Big Brother that arouse the attention of their followers. But on this occasion, during the afternoon of Monday, an unforeseen event arose before the night’s elimination gala, in which they are nominated to leave the competition: Virginia Demo, Martin the Chinese Ku, Joel Ojeda and Emmanuel Vitch. Thus, during the carnival holiday while it was raining heavily in Buenos Aires, some little brothers were surprised when A person climbed the wall bordering the garden of the house.

At that moment they were in the yard Rosina, Lucia, Zoe, the Chinese and Frederickwhom everyone calls Apple, when the voice of someone greeting them was clearly heard. The most shocked was the participant from Uruguay who immediately started jumping and screaming. “Hello! Where are you?” She asked him, looking towards the wall while her other classmates ran next to her. “What are you doing?” the young woman continued. “How are you, how are you doing here?” added the participants. In the distance you could hear the voice of the person who had tried to break the isolation of the members of the most famous house in the country. Until finally Rosina questioned him: “Do you know us?” “Yes, it’s Lucía’s voice,” stated the unknown person from the other side of the studio.

Then Rosina asked him again twice: “You want me?”, to which the voice told him “of course”. Immediately, she applauded and exclaimed: “Oh, how cute!” Then, Lucía went for more. “For, How do they see me from the outside? “Well?” she asked, eager to know a little more about the outside world they left when they entered the pageant, on December 11 of last year. At that moment, the cameras showed the interior of the house, with Virginia sitting in the kitchen looking at her companions in the patio of the house. The voices were heard again almost imperceptibly, but through the windows the screams of the three young girls could be heard and you could see the jumps they made in the place with their arms raised because of the conversation they were having with whoever was outside. .

For her part, Manzana headed towards the kitchen door although she remained expectant to continue listening to the brief dialogue that her companions were having. Finally, the little sisters ran into the house with exclamations of euphoria, ready to tell the rest what had happened.

The Big Brother patio (Big Brother, Telefe)

It should be remembered that one of the rules of the contest is maintain the isolation of participants. We will have to wait until this Monday night to find out if the production of the Telefe program will take any sanctioning measure in this regard, since in previous broadcasts when a similar situation had occurred, the participants had been expressly asked to leave the place and stay away. lock them in the house. The fact was reported by journalist Leo Arias through his Twitter account. “A person climbed into GH’s house and had a conversation with the little brothers”he warned.

A person climbed into the GH house and could break the isolation of the participants (Twitter)

On the other hand, on Monday night it was decided which other contestant would leave the contest. The final plaque was made up of Virginia, Chino, Joel and Emmanuel after Lisandro, alias Licha, Bautista and Nicolás, in that order, as Santiago del Moro had announced in Sunday’s broadcast. Finally, it was Joel who was left out of the competition.

So far, since the 2024 reality show began, the following participants have been eliminated: Hernán The black Ontivero, Axel Klekaylo, Williams López, Isabel De Negri, Catalina Gorostidi, Carla Destéfano (who actually left the house by her own decision), Florencia Cabrera, Denisse González, Alan Simone and Sabrina Cortez. In a few weeks there will be a playoff in which an eliminated brother will be able to re-enter the house to continue with the game.

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