the video that proves the mistreatment of his ex-partner by the head of the Police in Tenerife

“Put down the gun, Luis, please, I’m telling you the truth”: these are the sobs of the ex-partner of the head of the Tenerife National Police begging him to put down his weapon. The video incorporated as the main evidence of the alleged threats and abuse against the main commissioner is a heartbreaking scene of jealousy that frightens his ex-partner

It is the main proof in the complaint filed on December 6 against the provincial commissioner of the National Police in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Luis Felipe San Martín Fernández-Marcote. His ex-partner accuses him of mistreatment. The events occurred in December 2021 in one of the rooms of Luis Felipe’s home. The incident between the two is recorded, without him realizing it.

The National Police has suspended the commissioner from employment and salary and has withdrawn his regulation weapon for an alleged crime of sexist violence. The police report has been prepared by the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade of Tenerife and has been sent to the judicial authority. for carrying out the relevant proceedings.

The inspector who processed the complaint was removed from coordinating the investigation of the so-called Mediator Case by Luis Felipe San Martín following complaints from the Computer Crimes Team. However, after analyzing the case, the National Police commanders in Madrid did not find any irregular action.

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