The viral video of Max Verstappen at the FIA ​​gala… playing Mario Kart with a kid!

Max Verstappen can’t stop thinking about competing. He can’t stop thinking about speed. In running. Wherever and however. After dominating Formula 1 with an iron fist in 2023, and winning the World Cup indisputably, the Dutchman was at the FIA ​​gala to collect his award… and to show that He is passionate about everything that involves driving.

We already know what it is an eSports regular. As soon as he gets out of the car he gets into the simulator and doesn’t stop until he reaches perfection. Yes, all very ‘realistic’… but he also likes the most ‘arcade’ driving.

Because at the FIA ​​gala he was seen playing a few games with the karting kids in one of the best-selling speed games of recent years. At the eighth, more or less, delivery of a true classic of Nintendo video games.

Exactly, he could be seen competing with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switcha video game that made him have a good laugh with the kids from the karting categories.

Onscreen, Donkey Kong and Luigiit being more than possible because of the position on the couch that his character was Mario’s green-capped brother.

Who knows how the game ended… or the competition, because knowing Verstappen I’m sure He doesn’t like losing even in Mario Kart. And he sure isn’t afraid of the blue shell.

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