The war between Analía Franchín and Nancy Pazos: they reveal who will be kicked out of the Barbarossa program

Sparks tend to fly between each other with their exchanges of opinions. Both are shown with complete naturalness in the on-air discussions and make it clear that there is no harmony, quite the opposite. Analía Franchín and Nancy Pazos They usually star in dialectical battles, but now it would have reached another status.

During the week, the panelists engaged in a fierce exchange of opinions, in which heavy ammunition was thrown from one corner to the other, with very sharp concepts. A situation that crossed the screen and filled the air of the leading television channel with discomfort.

Stop analyzing me. I’m talking to Juan and I’m not telling anyone’s stories.“Analia bellowed at her partner. In a disagreement that arose from the live interview with the political leader Juan Grabois regarding the social plans.

From that point, investigations were maximized to elucidate the determination of production on the future of celebrities. And now a novelty appeared, which was explained in Show Partners and that refers to the idea of ​​the cycle about which of the two will be asked to leave.


Journalist Damian Rojo narrated the situation of this already historic war: “They are waiting from production for one of the two to say ‘I won’t continue working under these conditions while the other one is here’. The production is betting that this will happen”.

And finally he assured: “They want to call Nancy (from production) because they don’t want to continue allowing this type of thing to continue happening. It seems to me that it is more likely that Nancy Pazos will be asked to leave”. Will his days be numbered in A la Barbarossa?

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