The war over public transportation in the center of Guerrero besieges Chilpancingo

The shooting murder of four public transport drivers this Monday in Chilpancingo, in the State of Guerrero, has once again shaken the city, hostage for months in a war between criminal groups for control of passenger routes. This Tuesday, many schools, public and private, have remained closed in the capital. Taxis and vans, the usual landscape of its streets, have barely left the bases, due to fear of new attacks. Civil Protection vans transport citizens who have left their homes.

The four murders are also added to that of two other taxi drivers in the capital, on Saturday and Sunday, attacks that inaugurated the last battle of an intermittent war, carried out by the criminal organizations of Los Ardillos and Los Tlacos, mainly in Chilpancingo, but also in other surrounding towns. The State Prosecutor’s Office reported on Monday the opening of an investigation into Monday’s cases, but did not mention those of the previous days.

The war over transportation in Chilpancingo reflects similar conflicts in other areas, such as Acapulco, Taxco and Iguala, the most important municipalities in the State. In the first two, threats and attacks by criminals have forced stoppages of transporters. In Iguala, there have been a number of attacks against drivers who cover routes with other municipalities, such as Tepecoacuilco. The State Government reacts to the wave of violence by announcing deployments and reinforcements of security.

Monday’s events offer a reading of the battle. The first attacks occurred around 6:00. Armed subjects arrived at the bases of the vehicles that cover the route from the capital to Chilapa and the town of Petaquillas. In both places, gunmen attacked drivers, leaving two dead. Chilapa and Petaquillas is part of the territory supposedly controlled by the criminal group Los Ardillos, which is based in Quechultenango, between Chilpacingo and Chilapa.

An hour and a half later, revenge arrived, when gunmen attacked a taxi driver from the capital and the driver of a van that covers an internal route in the city. They shot the first one and then set fire to the vehicle, with him inside. They shot the second one and left him lying there. The murders caused the transport to stop, a situation that continued this Tuesday.

Messages supposedly sent by both criminal groups have begun to circulate on social networks, some criticizing the murder of the first two drivers and defending the subsequent retaliation, and others denouncing the others as kidnappers and extortionists and announcing a “clean up”, that is, new murders, a warning that poses a complicated future for the region.

The battle of Ardillos and Tlacos is just one of many in Guerrero, which counts criminal groups as days of sun. The Tlacos maintain their own fight with La Familia Michoacana in the mountain area of ​​the central region, where the latter recently massacred at least five men. It is not clear if these men were settlers, or part of Los Tlacos, or a mixture of both. The two groups also fight in the area of ​​Iguala and Taxco. In any case, the type of relationship between the groups that operate in each of these municipalities and the hierarchies established between them are ignored.

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