The week in 10 photos: weddings, recitals, film premieres and the least expected romance

Baby Etchecopar and Silvina Cupeiro at the moment of saying yes. The couple walked down the aisle after six years of relationship and before sharing their joy in a great celebration with their loved ones. Personalities from politics, journalism, entertainment and the business world met in a room on Costanera Norte. And at the close of this edition, the story was still being told to the beat of the music (RS Photos)
Baby Etchecopar and Silvina Cupeiro got married: their love story and the first photos of the ceremony
After two and a half years of love, Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera formalized their love with a spectacular party at a ranch in Exaltación de la Cruz. The model and the pilot celebrated with their loved ones at a party that had all the ingredients: the glamor of the occasion, back and forth about the date, the place and the guests, some difficulties in access and the emotion that each time when couples say “I do.” As if this were not enough, during the ceremony they announced that they are expecting their first child together and caused the greatest happiness of the day (RS Photos)
The first photos of Nicole Neumann with her pregnant belly were revealed
Tan Biónica continues to make history in her comeback concerts. After their surprise meeting at the last Lollapalooza, the band made up of Chano and Bambi Moreno Charpentier, Seby Seoane and Diega Lichtenstein planned the show The Last Magical Night, which became a parade through the most important stages in the country. After two Vélez, two Diego Maradona from La Plata and before touring the interior and South America, the group filled the River stadium with their divine melodies and the presence of Abel Pintos, Miranda!, Nicki Nicole and Airbag (@Irishsuarez)
Tan Biónica conquered River with Abel Pintos, Miranda!, Nicki Nicole and Airbag as guests
Guillermo Francella poses on the green carpet during the premiere of Muchachos. The people’s movie. The film by Jesús Braceras with a script by Hernán Casciari and narration by the actor, delves into the stories, from the minimum to the maximum, that converged with the title of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup in Qatar. Yes, Messi’s goals, Dibu’s saves, Angelito’s run and the contribution of the world champions mixed with the anonymous heroes who each pushed in his own way to achieve consecration. RS Photos
The best photos of celebrities on the green carpet of the movie Boys
Another famous couple who passed through the altar. After the procedure at the civil registry, Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho confirmed their love in a religious ceremony and with a party for 400 guests in an important hall in the town of Benavidez. The bride made three look changes and the party was set up on five islands, with several living rooms arranged throughout the room. Among the celebrities were present, such as Lizi Tagliani and her partner, Sebastián Nebot, El Polaco reconciled with Barby Silenzi, Pablo Granados, Ginette Reynal, Valeria Archimó and Martita Fort, among others. (RS Photos)
The wedding of Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho: three wedding dresses, flowers and a lot of love
The first week of December claimed two victims on the dance floor of Bailando 2023. On a night with some tensions and many surprises, Anabel Sánchez relied on her charisma and thanks to the public vote she ensured that she continued in the contest. The fallen were the journalist Guido Záffora and the former Big Brother Juliana Díaz, unbeatable until now on the phone. It all had started with the driver Marcelo Tinelli being angry about how the participants had approached the vote face to face: “It is not to be taken as a joke and get a piece of paper,” said the man from Bolívar (Prensa América)
This was the hectic night of Bailando 2023: a surprise, two couples eliminated and the anger of Marcelo Tinelli
Miranda made the Ferro Stadium vibrate and gave the most important show in its history. The group led by Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas received guests of honor -Lali Espósito, Cristian Castro, Emilia Mernes-, did not skimp on scenic details and drew on their deep catalog of pop anthems. The Caballito neighborhood was a party of colors and glitter in an open-door hotel, where FMK, Goyo Degano, Juan Ingaramo, Emmanuel Horvilleur, Dillom and Francisca Valenzuela also visited (Courtesy Miranda!)
Miranda! gave the biggest show in her history: kiss with Lali, Cristian Castro’s sensual dance and Emilia’s explosion
On the rainy Tuesday night, Enrique Bunbury began a short concert tour of South America. It was the return to the ring of the former Héroes del Silencio after a series of health episodes that had him on the brink of retirement. But heartfelt news emerged from this rock page: a series of clues made it possible to discover the romance between Daniela Ballester and Daniel Osvaldo. First, Pilar Smith claimed to have seen the journalist and the musician kissing. Later, Juario provided clues that they had uploaded content from the same concert, from the same location and with heartfelt reactions. And finally, Maite Peñoñori added the first photo together. The protagonists? For now they chose silence (Instagram: Maite Peñoñori)
The first image of Daniel Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester together
The kids grow up and make us realize the passage of time. Azul, the daughter of Romina Yan and Darío Giordano, finished high school and her graduation party was the reflection of a generation. The one who grew up with the productions of her grandmother, Cris Morena, and always keeps in her memory her mother, who died abruptly and inexplicably in 2010. The creator of Chiquititas and the producer Gustavo Yankilevich were the ones who uploaded photos of her granddaughter, in which She revealed herself to be a carbon copy of her mother, generating an immediate feeling of nostalgia and emotion (Instagram)
Azul, Romina Yan’s youngest daughter, finished high school: the photos with Cris Morena and the striking resemblance to her mother
Claudia Villafañe with her grandson Benjamín – son of Gianinna and Kun Agüero – and their friends at the avant premiere of Elijo cree. The film narrated by Ricardo Darín offers a look at the World Cup in Qatar and to be in tune, the premiere for the press and celebrities was held under a rain of pieces of paper and with life-size banners of Lionel Messi the Drawing Martínez, Ángel Di María and other figures of the Scaloneta (RS Photos)

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