The whereabouts of the daughter of activist Roco San Miguel, who lives in Madrid and also has Spanish nationality, is unknown.


Five relatives of Roco San Miguel, relevant figure of Venezuelan civil society illegally detained last Friday, are also missing after being captured by revolutionary agents. Among them stands out Miranda San Miguel, daughter of the renowned human rights activist, who like her mother has spanish nationality and that also lives in Madrid.

Miranda, what I enjoyed a vacation in Venezuela after graduating from Journalism in Europe, She was accompanying her mother on Friday when she was captured by police officers. General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) at the international airport Maiqueta. At that moment, the young woman was free and returned to her home.

According to what one of his relatives told the Venezuelan journalist, Cesar Miguel Rondn, to Miranda They called her on Saturday to go to the airport to pick up your suitcases. Nothing else is known about her since then, although another of her aunts managed to see her from afar at the airport facilities of this military body. “He was crying,” said his aunt.

Minutes later who fell into the trap of the agents was his father, Vctor Díaz Paruta, retired colonel of the Air Force, who went to the airport to pick up his daughter. Separated from San Miguel for more than a decade, both maintain a very distant relationship.

The family story is terrifying. One of Miranda’s aunts He remained two hours in front of his interrogator in a small dark room. During that time she was interrogated again and again about alleged accomplices of her sister-in-law, with whom she has no ties.

After the forced disappearance of father and daughter, those who were detained are Miguel Ángel and Alberto San Miguel, brothers of the president of the NGO Citizen Control for Security, Defense and the National Armed Forces. They went to look for them at their house, where another relative was also detained, Alejandro González Canales.

“We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Roco San Miguel and his family, arbitrarily detained in Venezuela,” he warned yesterday. Agnes Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty International (AI).

United Nations has repeatedly denounced the pattern followed by the revolution against the families of prisoners, especially the military, who are harassed, persecuted and even imprisoned. Several emblematic cases mark the reports of human rights organizations. This practice is called sippenhaft, which the Nazis were already using to extend to family members the punishment they imposed on the “enemies” of the regime.

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