The year of wars gives way to a 2024 marked by electoral events

This 2023 has been the year with greatest number of war conflicts since the end of the Second World War, according to the Barcelona International Information and Documentation Center.

On the one hand, the Russian invasion of Ukraine a war that has continued and in which the fighting on the front has stalled, and on the other hand the Israeli from the Gaza Stripa conflict of years that has ended up escalating and worsening, and that in less than three months leaves more than 21,600 Palestinians deadalmost half are children.

The wars have left terrible images, with the death of thousands of civilians, and, above all, a terrible feeling of impunity of the strongest with the United Nations condemnations turned into a dead letter.

Not just Ukraine and Gaza. “We have also seen how precisely in other regions, such as the case of Azerbaijan, these territorial claims have been accelerating, which we have also seen in Venezuela with the case of Essequibo. In short, they are a series of examples that what they come to reflect is the international situation we currently have,” highlights David Gómez, journalist for ‘El Orden Mundial’.

Coups d’état in the Sahel, wars like the one in Sudan, with millions of displaced people, and forgotten conflicts like those in Somalia, Yemen or Syria, which hardly attract media attention anymore.

As Lorena Cobas, head of Unicef ​​Spain’s Emergencies, highlights, “there is an increase in serious violations.” For example, she explains, in Myanmar it has increased by 140%. The serious violations arekill and maim, kidnap, recruit boys and girlsdenying humanitarian access or attacking schools and hospitals.

A year in which the pulse between the two great powers, United States and China, it has reached a critical point. “It is true that relations remain tense, that this geopolitical rivalry and this technological war will continue in 2024,” warns Gómez.

And we will have to focus on other places like Ethiopiaright now in a truce, but with the highest number of fatalities in the entire 21st century.

A 2024 marked by weapons and appointments with the ballot boxes

The year about to begin will be a year of weapons and ballot boxes, with unprecedented electoral intensity worldwide. Some 70 countries around the world hold electionsalmost 51% of the world’s population is called to vote with a great unknown.

As Carme Colomina, CIDOB researcher, highlights to laSexta, “one of the questions is to what extent are we going to see a resistance of democratic systems or the erosion will deepen further.”

Among those who vote, USAwith an undisputed protagonist: donald trumpwho wants to be president again and whose candidacy would mean a return to radicalism in many aspects.

That would have an impact on the rest of the elections held in the world. For example, in Europe, elections are being held this year in the European Parliament and one of the keys will be the strength of the extreme right.

“It is not just a matter of majorities, that has an impact on policies: climate commitments, in the process of internal reforms…”, highlights Colomina. Or in the sending aid to Ukrainewho would also have to vote in 2024 although it seems difficult.

Russia will also vote next year and that President Vladimir Putin repeats, is not discussed. And other countries like Taiwan, India, South Africa, Venezuela or El Salvador They will also decide their future at the polls, with an impact on world geopolitics.

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