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Obesity is one of the risk factors. (Illustrative photo).

Generally, people who seek to fight against obesity They face a series of myths when trying to establish exercise plans.

Karla Solís, specialist in Human Movement, listed the most common ones.

“Without pain there is no gain”, It is heard many times in gyms, and among those who want to lose weight. For Solis, this “is completely false.”

“If there is a good assessment, prescription, monitoring and communication, the person can do physical activity effectively and without pain,” he said.

Another myth is that Fat hardens with exercise. However, it is also wrong physiologically speaking, according to what the specialist explained.

“This is because, as the person increases their level of physical activity, they will have more caloric expenditure, which causes the body to use fats as a source of energy. This happens, mainly, when cardiovascular exercise is combined with counter resistance,” he stated.

A third myth is that If you sweat you are losing fat from your body. Solís explained that, when the body sweats, what it does is remove water from the body through sweat to cool the body and maintain balance in body temperature.

“Specifically, sweat is a cooling mechanism for the body so that it does not suffer heat stroke. Because of this, the more sweat that leaves the body, the more water and electrolytes must be replaced,” he stated.

Obesity is a trigger for chronic diseases.  (Illustrative image).

Obesity is also a trigger for chronic diseases. (Illustrative image).

a pandemic

The specialist recalled that “Obesity is the new pandemic.”

“Definitely, exercise is one of the tools to combat it and improve people’s quality of life. Obese people did not begin to gain weight from one day to the next, it is also the process to be reversed, so we must be aware that it is a medium and long term process, where the psychological, emotional, physical, metabolic and food influence enormously,” he mentioned.

He added that a final recommendation is not to believe that there are magic or trend solutions that will cause an immediate reduction in weight or fat loss, since this is a process that takes time and perseverance.

“It is better to lose 10 kilos in a year and not gain anything, than to have to diet, take medications or supplements, or follow exercise models that lose 5 kilos in one month and rebound, increasing them the same or double in the following months. It is something very challenging and brave to recognize and accept in order to want to make the change and for us professionals it is an enormous responsibility,” concluded the specialist.

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