These Christmas Toys May Be Incredibly Hard to Find in Illinois –

When I was in the third grade, the Cabbage Patch Doll was the hottest Christmas gift that was impossible to find, and for those who had to have one under their tree, paying more than 10 times the retail price was normal.
Then I recall that creepy Furby toy causing riots at the toy stores, or trying to find the latest video game console within two months of Christmas. Better chance of seeing a unicorn.
It's debatable what the hottest toy of Christmas 2022 will end up being, but there are a few early frontrunners that already have parents scrambling to get their hands on one.
Target in Rockford had one left for $84.99, and there are already several on Ebay for as much as $143.
The Toniebox is going to be a hot gift request from the younger kids and will likely be one of the hardest to find in stores. The popular Disney Frozen Toniebox is currently listed as out of stock at the Rockford Walmart, but there were other Toniebox's available at Best Buy in Janesville.
It's nearly impossible to find one on the store shelves unless you know when a new shipment comes in, or have a buddy at the store who can buy one as an "employee." If and when you do find one, you'll likely pay over $600.
If the Pop-Its are addicting, wait until you see the Pop-It Pro which has lights and a game similar to the 80's interactive light game Simon.
It's like a 3D version of the Spirograph with the use of kinetic sand, you can create like never before. And you might even let the kids play with it when you're done.
Take your games on the go with a beautiful 7-inch OLED screen and connect to a large tv with a built-in wired LAN port. There were a few left for next-day pick up at $349 at the Target and Game Stop locations in Rockford at the time this article was published.
My 8-year-old self would want THIS for Christmas. Actually, my 48-year-old self wants this for Christmas. With a top speed of 8 mph, the Super Mario Kart is $398 and is currently out of stock at both Target and Walmart in Rockford. If you order today (October 19) from Walmart, it would arrive before the end of October, according to their website.


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