They LEAK the first photo of Daniel Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester together

This Wednesday, journalist Pilar Smith assured that Daniel Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester are starting a relationship. The driver of Gossip (NET TV) He indicated that he saw them kissing and, hours later, Juariu, the celebrity stalker, verified that both They were together at the recital that Enrique Bunbury gave at the Arena in Buenos Aires on Tuesday.

Now, the first photo of the former soccer player and the journalist together has come to light, leaving that concert. Maite Peñoñori, panelist of LAM (America)was in charge of sharing the image on her social networks. In it you can see Gianinna Maradona’s ex and the driver walking through the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo.

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I got the first post-recital photo“Peñoñori wrote next to the postcard. In addition, he added a survey for his followers to give their opinion on the romance with two options: I like the couple or unexpected.

Daniel Osvaldo with Daniela Ballester (Photo: Instagram/maitepenio)

They claim that Daniel Osvaldo is dating a famous journalist: “I saw them kissing”

Daniel Osvaldo He would be dating the renowned journalist Daniela Ballester. This is what Pilar Smith told it, who, she says, saw them kissing in his truck.

In the air of Gossip (NET TV)the driver gave details of the bomb: “The romance of the moment, Daniela Ballester in Palermo under the universal flood, in Daniel Osvaldo’s RAM with kisses.

The driver added: “They couldn’t take off, I saw the kisses. There was a lot of language…I saw her go down to her and I said ‘she’s coming to America‘But no, he ran to look for his car after the break.’

Daniela Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester coincided at Enrique Bunbury’s recital (Photo: Instagram capture/juariu)

To add more evidence that would confirm this relationship, Juariu, the celebrity stalker, shared on her Instagram account that both They coincided at Enrique Bunbury’s recital at the Buenos Aires Arena in the last hours.

In addition, the host and former participant of Big Brother 2001, He went to see the band led by the former Boca forward, Barrio Viejo, play at a bar in Palermo.

Jimena Barón revealed how she spent Daniel Osvaldo’s money and left her followers speechless

Jimena Baron He was in a relationship for several years with Daniel Osvaldo, the soccer player for whom she abandoned her acting career in Argentina. She settled with him in Europe and at first it was all rosy, they even became Momo’s parents. However, the memories of that love story are not at all pleasant for her, three years after having put an end and definitive point to that bond – since they had a brief reconciliation during the coronavirus quarantine -, He told how he spent his money and left his followers speechless, as they imagined another story of luxury.

I lived with a lot of guilt about the money because it was not mine, I never felt that it was mine, I felt guilty. From there he told me ‘grab, buy, take’, no, no no. I went to Zara to Soldi, to the Zara outlet to H&M, Bershka, I was such a stale loot box, it didn’t matter to me, I regret it, I regret it Why Jimena? Why?,” she detailed on Instagram in October.

Jimena Barón and Daniel Osvaldo had a love story that ended in scandal. (Photo: People)

Finally, it was sent with a stick on the Martín Insaurralde case: “Moral: accept girls, if you don’t have squirting husbands who are there and mess around with the money of all the Argentines, accept everything, don’t be stupid… ‘No, it’s not necessary’, ‘oh no, what are you going to spend for?’ Spend! Let them spend!”

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