“They left in a toy boat”

What happened in Barbate is just one example of the violence used by the drug traffickers in Cádiz and which the Civil Guard agents face.

The AUGC Cádiz provincial secretary, Carmen Villanueva, has complained in Más Vale Tarde that this crime “is not common.” Furthermore, she has assured that they have the same means as any other province in Spain and that, in this way, “something so organized cannot be fought.”

The agents had to use that small GEAS boat, because the ones available for these cases were not operational. As JUCIL’s spokesperson and national communications secretary, Agustín Leal, told laSexta, the six maritime service patrol vessels that are in Cádiz They have been broken for a long time with no repair plans. An internal email shows that they were notified that because of this, services were suspended that day. “That’s why my companions were ordered to leave in a toy boata boat used by the GEAS, which came from Algeciras and is used to rescue bodies of people drowning at sea,” the spokesperson complained.

The Civil Guard asks for more resources, especially after the dismantling of OCON SUR, the elite anti-drug unit that was created especially for this area. The provincial general secretary of AUGC Seville, Raúl Buzón, has stated that “OCON was the nightmare of drug traffickers.” “Why is it removed? Because the minister considered that it was already controlled and that it was not necessary,” he pointed out.

For their part, the Interior explains that the closure of this unit did not lead to a reduction in the number of agents. They remember that in 2023 a historical maximum was reached with more than 25,000 troops. Pedro Fernández Peñalver, Government delegate in Andalusia, explained that “it is not that it disappears, but that the staff is reintegrated so that it has a structural nature and is not like the body that had a provisional nature.”

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