This has been the meeting of Supreme Court prosecutors

Prosecutors of the Supreme Court They do see terrorism in the Democratic Tsunami case and they consider that there are indications of a crime against Carles Puigdemont. The Board of Prosecutors of the high court has rejected this Tuesday by majority the report of prosecutor Álvaro Redondoin which he opposed investigating the former president for terrorism.

A new change in the position of the Prosecutor’s Office which occurred after a meeting of almost four hours, which, according to several sources present at the meeting, has been very technical, regarding the definition of the crime of terrorism, without personal confrontations. All those consulted by laSexta also point out that No explanations have been required from prosecutor Redondo for his change of opinion, since in a first report he did defend the existence of signs of terrorism against Puigdemont.

There has also been criticism of the judge in the Tsunami caseThe magistrate Manuel García-Castellón, due to the way in which he has organized the reasoned presentation to the Supreme Court, more than due to the substance of his arguments, and because an intervener has considered that it was early to raise that resolution and he should have continued with the investigation.

Discrepancy between the two chief prosecutors

The key to the meeting, however, was the discrepancy between the two chief prosecutors of the Supreme Court: Joaquín Sánchez-Covisa, who does not appreciate terrorism crimes against Puigdemont; and Fidel Cadena, who does consider that they exist.

Sánchez-Covisa has appealed to article 24 of the Organic Statute of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which states that “the agreements of the majority will have the character of a report, with the criteria of the chief prosecutor prevailing after free debate.” However, he adds this precept, “if this opinion is contrary to that expressed by the majority of attendees, both must be submitted to their hierarchical superior.”

For that reason, the number two of the Prosecutor’s Office will assume the report, María Ángeles Sánchez-Conde, progressive and very close to the attorney general. Nobody in the Prosecutor’s Office, neither among the progressive prosecutors nor among the conservatives, doubts that their criteria will be the opposite of that expressed in the Board and He is going to defend that there are no signs of a crime to preserve the unity of action of the Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the criterion defended by the chief prosecutor of the National Court Miguel Ángel Carballo.

The majority of prosecutors defend that there is terrorism because the facts fit the article 573 of the Penal Codein relation to the “serious attacks against life and physical integrity” that led to the taking of the El Prat airport and the attacks on police on Vía Laietana and Plaza Urquinaona in Barcelona, ​​and for the purpose they sought: to subvert the constitutional order and seriously alter public peace.

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