This is how a prostitution mafia treated 14 women

Nails 14 womenbetween Spain and Romania, have been freed by the National Police from a criminal organization that He gave them “brutal” beatings and forced them into prostitution in Valencia. They were taken out naked on a balcony or their heads were shaved. If they didn’t get the money they wanted, they were tortured and forced to prostitute themselves in public.

The 14 sexually exploited women lived in overcrowded rooms. Silvia Garrido, spokesperson for the National Police, has assured that “those involved take advantage of the state of need of victims and they force them to prostitute themselves on public roads.” In addition, they forced them to get daily, at least, between 300 and 400 eurosbetween 9,000 and 12,000 euros each month.

If they did not reach the required amounts, the punishments were terrible: constant beatings and humiliation. They made them go out onto the balcony naked in the middle of winter, shaved their heads, whipped them even with the telephone cord, and forced them to sleep on the floor or under his pimp’s bed.

A brutality that has surprised even the Police themselves. A part of the money whitened buying properties and high-end cars, the rest was sent to their country of origin. Garrido explained that “this money was later sent to Romania through banks or agencies.”

After a long investigation by Interpol, in collaboration between the Spanish and Romanian Police, they have achieved arrest nine people in Romania and in Alzira, in Valencia.

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