This is how he has sat among the ranks of the PP

These are not the easiest hours in Génova 13, after this weekend sources from the Popular Partyr transferred to several media outlets, including laSexta, which Alberto Núñez Feijóo had considered granting a pardon with conditions to Carles Puigdemont. An option that, according to the same sources, would have been ruled out “in less than 24 hours.”

From the leadership of the PP they are now trying minimize the impact of the revelations known in recent hours, also within the party’s own ranks. Thus, the ‘popular’ are trying to make a strategy with the spokespersons to convey that the information is being manipulated by the Government and its partners with the aim of muddying the Galician campaign.

How has this made the candidate feel? Alfonso Rueda? Although he may not be very happy, his team thinks that this type of information does not affect Galicia that much. What is certain is that Rueda himself and his teamThey knew there was sensitive information which was going to be known starting at 11:00 p.m. last Saturday night. This was reported to journalists at a rally that same day and they conveyed that they would manage it when it came to light.

The information that has emerged, in any case, has not pleased the other barons of the PP, who repeat one word in private: “Bewilderment”. They are no longer baffled not only by the content of the information, which some are also, but by the management and the timing: they wonder Why has this information been released to so many journalists? at the same time in the middle of an electoral campaign, just a few days before the appointment with the polls. They don’t understand it and think that this is only ammunition for the PSOE and Vox.

However, although they do not understand it They are quiet and are going to close ranksbecause they consider that they should all be on one side because the PP is playing this Sunday in Galicia.

What would happen if the PP loses power in that election date? If that situation occurs, the internal debate can be much more serious from what we are seeing right now, although it does not seem that within the formation there is anyone willing to move Feijóo’s chair. The hardline of the party, however, could stir a little and is already telling the media that they do not see pardons, neither with conditions nor without them, and that with Junts they are not going anywhere.

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