#This is how the disability pension process is done

When a person loses more than two-thirds of their ability to work, they can opt for a disability pension from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

The only requirement requested by the entity is that users have completed medical, surgical and/or rehabilitation treatment from the CCSS and that it is demonstrated that their condition does not improve.

The procedure to carry it out is described in the attached material. Doctors must evaluate each patient’s condition.

“The evaluating doctors will not be able to issue recommendation criteria until the pension applicant has exhausted all possibilities of treatment or recovery, since they must reliably establish that the person has a permanent (irreversible) deficiency greater than 66% of loss of general capacity to establish a declaration of disability,” highlights the institution’s website.

High blood pressure or diabetes are not disabling. To apply for the pension, the person It must affect organs and systems such as the brain, kidney, heart, eyes, and peripheral arteries.s among others, irreversibly that is, permanently and that despite having the appropriate treatment, its functionality cannot be recovered.

Another important point to consider is that, There are diseases with which it is not advisable to perform certain types of work, for reasons of personal safety and that of third parties, but they can perform other types of work.

As the entity explains, a patient with epilepsy is not an invalid if his seizures are controlled with treatment, but it is not recommended that you be a vehicle driver for safety reasons. That is to say, “the possibility of job relocation must first be exhausted or the possibility that the applicant can perform another job must be analyzed according to the applicant’s residual functional capacity and education, before establishing the declaration of disability.”

If you have questions about this procedure, you can go to any CCSS branch throughout the country.

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