This is the company awarded by the INS for the digital label project

PC Central Neology is the company awarded by the National Insurance Institute (INS) for the purchase of 1,900,000 labels that will be used in the Marchamo Digital project.

This was announced this Wednesday, December 6, in the Integrated Public Procurement System (SICOP), where it was detailed that the company is the winner of the Major Tender No. 2023LY-000025-0001000001.

In total, it is the purchase of 1,900,000 labels: 400,000 for motorcycles and 1,500,000 for vehicles with windshields, whose delivery method to drivers will be defined in the coming months.

As mentioned, these stickers They would last up to 10 years.

“Regarding the investment that this label represents, something very important is that, at the beginning of the project, the INS carried out a market study with companies that provide this technology, which could become potential suppliers and the price was around ₡2,000 per sticker. , the tender that we are closingmade it possible to obtain a better cost for the citizen, thanks to the high participation of companies“, assured the executive president of the INS, Mónica Araya.

“After publication, the bidders have eight business days to present resources and finally, the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) must resolvesee in accordance with the deadlines established by Law.

The INS may give the order to start the digital stamp project until the CGR resolves the resources that, eventually, are filed and the endorsement is issued at the internal level of the projectan act that would make the hiring process final,” says the press release.

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