This was the intimate wedding of Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho: they arrived 45 minutes late at the Civil Registry

The intimacy of the wedding of Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho (Video: Instagram)

Before a small group of friends, surrounded by a lot of love and affection, Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho They said yes. Despite the unstable morning, between the wind, the rain and a cloudy sky, the lovers went to the Civil Registry to formalize their love with the legal procedure and sign the documentation that marks the beginning of a new stage in their lives.

From very early on, the couple began to live intensely before marriage. Through her social networks, the dancer showed the last breakfast. For that she focused on a jug of orange juice, and two cups of coffee that each had the name of Cris and Celes written on them, along with a heart.

“It’s my last day, my last payroll,” said the actor while signing a document with his right hand. Meanwhile, Muriega filmed him and said: “It’s your last bachelor’s report.” Excited by the situation, the model shared the moment on her Instagram stories. Immediately afterwards, she could see them in the car, going to the registry. “Love, the last path of singles. And late. We are getting married, with some inconveniences, 45 minutes late, it’s not that long. Let the judge receive us,” said Sancho’s partner as they lived their last moments before getting married.

The first married photo of Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho (Photo: Instagram)
The first married photo of Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho (Photo: Instagram)

In the following story, with the document in hand, Muriega and Sancho celebrated their wedding and showed their love online. Dressed completely in white, with giant smiles, both held the official notebook in front of the camera. “First married photo,” the artist wrote along with an emoji with an excited face. She immediately accompanied the moment with a video where they put their heads together, smiled and blew a kiss to the camera. In line with the previous story, she put a phrase with the song ‘My Universe’, by Coldplay: “First married story.”

Already more relaxed, after the intense day of emotions, Muriega showed how her husband relaxed. Sitting in a chair, with her left hand and right foot extended, the dancer showed how they were giving her a manicure and pedicure. The situation became funnier when the model told him: “How is this, I’m forgetful for two seconds and now you grab the presidential throne.” To which Sancho responded: “That’s why I got married, to have privileges.” And finally Muriega closed: “No, listen to me, not like that.”

Given the happy news, some friends decided to dedicate a few words to them, that was the case of Lizy Tagliani, who published a photo of the couple on his own Instagram: “Maybe you only see a piece of paper and a notebook, I see km 0 where a new love story begins, beings that came with an individual story full of joys, loves and heartbreaks , tears and laughter, achievements and frustrations. Today they are a new reality, a new story that they are beginning to write together and of which I am a part because they both occupy an important place in my heart. I wish you that smile, joy, strength and love always accompany you because my happiness is knowing you are happy. I love”.

Christian Sancho and Celeste Muriega's relationship began in 2022 (34)
Christian Sancho and Celeste Muriega’s relationship began in 2022 (34)

The love between the two was born in mid-January of last year, after they shared a cast in SEX, the play by José María Muscari. From then on they began dating and in a short time they fell madly in love with each other. In Muriega, Sancho says he has found “complement, company, complicity and an empathy that gives me the certainty of loving her forever as part of my days. “She teaches me, she nourishes me and she knows how to hold my face to tell me: ‘You can do it!’, before taking me up to speak on stage,” he says excitedly.

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