This was the robbery of María del Monte’s house

The thieves entered the house at night last August, while María del Monte and her partner, Inmaculada Casal, were sleeping. Despite at firstthe secrecy regarding what happened was total – “I want you to understand that I can’t talk,” said the singer – little by little we learned more about what happened that morning.

There were five hooded men who, after jumping over the fence of the house and forcing entry, They tied them up, but they also gagged them.: “That you are sleeping and that 5 hooded men wake you up in your house and force you to give them everything you have.” Del Monte described the day as “one of the worst days” of his and his partner’s lives.

It was easy to know that the thieves They suspiciously knew the layout of the house and the location of a safe, of which they demanded their combination to open it. The loot included cash, jewelry such as earrings that her father gave to the singer, and objects of great sentimental value like the pen with which he signed his first record contract.

In this regard, María del Monte assured that in her house “there are not usually huge amounts of money”, to which she added that “take away, they have taken everything”. An assault that, despite leaving no physical consequences, was described as traumatic. “We are in shock, horrified, we don’t sleep… It has been a traumatic experience”Casal lamented.

After what happened, the singer continued with her professional activity and She always seemed confident in finding the culprits, as well as in the State Security Corps. The operation has ended with eight detainees, among whom is precisely his nephew, Antonio Tejado, as the intellectual author of the robbery. This Monday He has been placed in provisional prison with notice, but without bail.

From a very close relationship, to raiding his aunt’s house

According to the investigation, Tejado would belong to a gang dedicated to breaking into luxury homes in the province of Seville, so he could be related to the robbery in the Seville home of soccer player Sergio Ramos.

The criminal organization, which also had two machacas -in charge of transporting and guarding the loot-, It was led by ‘El Ruso’a boxer based in the Andalusian capital who appears in a promotional video for a gym with María del Monte’s nephew.

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