three days of concerts with 40 artists and 120,000 attendees

O Son do Camiño is celebratedSunday 16th or 18thde novo co large format, after two years of absence due to the pandemic.


A week after it starts, no Monte do Gozo several work without rest hundreds of workers. They spent almost a month and a half setting up the entire infrastructure.

They are setting up the main stage, which is the two largest stage set up on the Peninsula.

85% of the infrastructure is assembled and they are beginning to assemble the decoration“, sinala Angel Pineiro, artistic producer of the festival. “The bars are largely advanced and are also setting up the main stage, which is two larger stages set up on the Peninsula.” That stage It measures 36 meters in front and 18 meters in height.

He or equivalent to a building of one walk, over which seven artists will pass every day. This edition adds a third scenario and more space for the public and the food stalls.

12 hours of music a day

There will be twelve hours a day of music with fifty national and international artists top level, like C. Tangana, Liam Gallagher, Chemical Brothers, Sebastian Yatra or Anuel.

An offer that is not common here, and that is what we ultimately try to make: buy world tours

It has a very varied offer, for all audiences, all those people who can have 2, 3, 4 or 5 artists that they like, You can always find someone who might surprise you live. An offer that is not common here, and that is what we ultimately try to do: catch world shows or shows that are complicated to see,” says Angel Ángel Piñeiro, artistic producer of the festival.

120,000 people

An expanded venue that will accommodate more than 120,000 people for three days of concerts, about 42,000 per dayand that They will also find the hotels in Santiago and the same two nearby cities and towns.. There are no rooms left for weeks.

It is possible that there are free rooms, but with exorbitant prices

“It may be possible, but with a bit exorbitant prices. There is some improvement in some 5-star category, but the rest is all complete“, indicates Carlos Regueiroof the Compostela Hospitality Association.

Tickets for O Son do Camiño are sold out.

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