Ticiane Pinheiro surprises and surprises César Tralli on Globo: “After 9 years together”

Ticiane Pinheiro and César Tralli (Reproduction: Instagram/ TV Globo)
Ticiane Pinheiro and César Tralli (Reproduction: Instagram/ TV Globo)

Last Friday, December 8th, Ticiane Pinheiro was present at Globo to surprise her husband and presenter of ‘Jornal Hoje’ Cesar Tralli. In the video, the member of ‘Hoje Em Dia’, on Record TV, appeared hidden behind the scenes of the global news program and even won a little heart from her lover. Furthermore, the star contestant revealed that she went to make a recording at the station, but couldn’t say what it was about.

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It all started when Ticiane reported that she was at Globo to make a mysterious recording and decided to surprise her husband: ”Guys, today I came here to César’s station, my husband, to record a really cool thing, which I still can’t talk about because it’s a surprise. I came for the first time, after nine years together with César, to see the studio where he works. It was really cool, I’ll show you”informed Pinheiro, who is the presenter of ‘Hoje Em dia’, on Record.

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Later, Ticiane showed the video in which he recorded behind the scenes of ‘Jornal Hoje’ and showed the moment in which the journalist presented the competitor’s afternoon news program. In the following images, Tralli appeared smiling at his wife and even sent her a heart, while a VT was displayed in the air. In the end, the television anchor returned to concentration because he was going to call another news story.

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Last week, the presenter used social media to celebrate the long years of marriage with César Tralli: “6 years have passed and my love and admiration for you has only increased. What a joy to see our love grow, our family grow and to be able to stop and admire everything we have built together. Thank you for all the love and care for our family. Today we had a “Sugar Wedding” and I hope to spend the rest of my sweet life by your side. I love you so much @cesartralli. 9 years together and 6 years married! May God continue to enlighten and protect us always”wrote Ticiane, through her Instagram Feed.

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