Ticiane Pinheiro’s daughter, Rafa Justus undergoes surgery: ‘Thank God everything went well’

Rafinha Justus
Rafinha Justus/Instagram

Rafa Justus revealed through his Instagram that he underwent surgery. The daughter of Ticiane Pinheiro It is Roberto Justus, 14 years old, underwent nose procedures. She had septum correction surgery and rhinoplasty.

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+ Rafa Justus sends a message to Fabiana Justus after his sister shaved her head during the treatment of leukemia

“Just dropping by to let you know that I had septum correction surgery and took the opportunity to have rhinoplasty, so I’ll be a little off during these days. However, I will make boxes of questions to distract myself during this post-surgery moment. Thank God everything went well and I’m recovering and soaking up these days”, wrote Rafinha in his Instagram stories.

Post - Rafa Justus
Post – Rafa Justus/Instagram

She also revealed that she underwent the procedure last Saturday (10) and that she is being looked after by her mother, Ticiane Pinheiro. Rafa promised to show the result soon. Justus’ daughter said that rhinoplasty was her first plastic surgery.

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+ Fabiana Justus appears with her head shaved during treatment against leukemia

Through her question box on Instagram, Rafinha also revealed to a follower who asked about a chic trouble she had been through. “Passing now. My ‘Face ID’ (facial recognition) to open my cell phone is not recognizing me with the tape and micropore“, she wrote, bursting into laughter.

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