Ticos pay up to ₡300 thousand for courses with a “doctor” who promotes seawater consumption

Costa Ricans pay up to ₡300 thousand for participating in the courses taught by the “doctor” who promotes the consumption of seawater.

The Ministry of Health identified a social media profile identified as Medicine from Dr. Hamer in Costa Rica where the modules are promoted in Ciudad Quesada, San Carlos.

According to one of the most recent publications, the course consists of 3 modules, two of them at a price of ₡120 thousandand another to ₡130 thousand.

The classes, as it is read, are taught by María Teresa Ilari, who claims to be “doctor specializing in internal medicine” and who claims to cure cancer by prescribing half a liter of water a day.

This medium consulted the number registered in the profile disclosed by Health. Mayela Alpízar, in charge of the page, said that they have not held this type of talks for a year and assured that they are free, although on social networks they are promoted at a cost.

She identified herself as being in charge of making Ilari visit our country for that purpose, but denied that they are the ones who perform injections or promote this consumption.

“I don’t know what you are talking about (health alert). You can drink seawater, but what she came to do was to teach how to use it, but she has not come again,” she said in conversation with this medium.

Alpízar assured that she consumes seawater that she herself is going to extract from the sea for her own consumption. She stated that she has had “wonderful” benefits, and indicated that there are companies that even They sell bottled sea water.

CRHoy.com found a profile on social networks identified as Bottled Sea Water Costa Rica where they assure that the gallon of water of this type has a price of ₡12 thousand.

Health alert

This Friday the Ministry of Health, through the Directorate of Regulation of Products of Health Interest, issued a health alert that warns of the risks of consuming seawater.

In a press release they reported that through a complaint they initiated an investigation that allowed them to identify the advertising, marketing, use, consumption and application, even intravenously, for therapeutic purposes of seawater in San Carlos and in Cahuita de Puerto Viejo, in Limón.

According to the authorities, this product does not have a health record, Therefore, they have not been evaluated to guarantee that they meet safety, quality and effectiveness requirements, so that they are not suitable for use, application and consumption and may represent a risk to the health of the population, since there is no certainty. of their true origin nor of the conditions under which they have been manufactured, stored, transported and handled.

“It must be remembered that a pharmaceutical product or medicine is defined as a simple or compound substance; natural, synthetic, or mixture of them, with a defined pharmaceutical form, used to diagnose, treat, prevent diseases or modify a physiological function of human beings and in accordance with current health regulations, any MEDICATION for import, distribution, marketing, prescription and promotion, requires prior health registration with the Ministry of Health,” the entity noted.

Given this, they recommended do not buy, consume, sell, use, apply or promote seawater for therapeutic purposes, as well as avoid purchasing medications online, especially on social networks.

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