Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra met again after their separation: “They are talking a lot”

They claim that Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra saw each other again after their separation (Video: Partners of the show)

Some days ago Sebastian yatra confirmed his separation from Aitana, the Spanish actress and singer with whom he has been dating recently. As a result of this breakup, she surprisingly re-established herself in the environment a possible rapprochement between the Colombian and his ex, Tini Stoessel, who is also single after ending her relationship with Rodrigo De Paul.

This Tuesday, Paula Varela was in charge of telling the details that reached her on the air Partners of the Show the cycle they lead Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich by El Trece. “We are talking about the new-old romance between Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel. How is this? A few days ago he whitewashed his separation from Aitana. This was very surprising because first this information was not leaked in the press, and then the protagonists came out to confirm it,” the panelist began by saying on the air of the television series and added: “There were no rumors of this separation, and when they ask him, at the awards in Los Angeles, he says: we are separated.”

“This surprised the journalist who was writing the note because there were no rumors of that separation. And not only that, Yatra said ‘we have been separated for a month’. You saw that when they give precise dates it is for a reason, it is because they are opening another door. Something is about to be whitened. What they tell me is that He has been having talks for some time with Tini Stoessel. Even since she whitewashed the separation with De Paul,” Varela added.

Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra separated during the pandemic

For her part, the journalist gave more details on the subject and ruled out the versions of a reconciliation with Rodrigo, something that was also said: “Tini with De Paul nothing. She fell very much in love with Yatra, they separated during the pandemic. When they were a couple they talked about children, about marriage, they went to Susana Giménez’s house together. “Things that he never talked about with Rodrigo De Paul, it is a step that Tini never wanted to take with him,” Paula added.

In addition, the El Trece panelist told another detail that caught attention: “Four days ago Yatra was at a recital, where He presents a song that he wrote to Tini, and says some words that suggest that they would return again, he does not name Tini. But they are flirting.” He stated trusting the information that came to him.

And finally, Paula told what would be stopping the singer from confirming the reconciliation: “What they tell me is that Tini doesn’t want to be stuck like she was with De Paul, where she would be a third party in disagreement over nothing. What happened with Cami Homs weighed heavily on her. In case of whitewashing this reunion, because they tell me that they are there watching, both of them have to be very sure, because they are very important figures, and the careers of both of them add to them,” Varela concluded.

Tini and De Paul separated after a year and a half together

In the midst of these rumors of reconciliation between Tini and Yatra, just a few days ago the versions were re-established that the singer was close to her ex, the soccer player Rodrigo De Paul following some public statements he made.

As the months went by, the couple’s fandom spread rumors of reconciliation and listed several clues that both the footballer and the singer left that would aim to give themselves a new opportunity. Like the one that was added on the night of November 21 at the Maracaná, after the victory of the Argentine National Team against Brazil in the South American Qualifiers. Exultant for a historic victory, Rodrigo De Paul gave a note to the reporters who were on the playing field and took the opportunity to send a very special message that many attributed to Tini.

“I want to thank that person that I love them very much. I hope she saw the game and this is for that person too”, he slipped before the microphones before retiring to the locker room, without giving more details. It did not take long for speculation to appear on social networks and suspicions point to Tini Stoessel as recipient, providing the missing data to support the theories of reconciliation.

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