Today on TV 247 – December 10

7h – Thinking African – 4th Act Abdias Nascimento Exhibition at Inhotim 9h – Why were ancient philosophers made invisible? – With Lejeune Mirhan 10am – Good morning 247: Milei’s inauguration, with Dafne, Hilde and Marcia Carmo (live) 12pm – Denise Assis invites: João Pedro, the designer who faced Michelle Bolsonaro 1pm – Sunday is FREUD – Who changed the John Kennedy’s brain? – with Antonio Carlos Sandoval 2pm – Class with Vassoler: Between Dostoevsky and Nietzsche, who is the true nihilist? 3pm – Trails of democracy – For the recreation of the Commission on Political Dead and Disappeared 4pm – Cultural Roll – Freud and marriage: the sexual in care work 5pm – Mais-Left – Is the Lula government neoliberal? (live 6pm – Cannabis Brasil: Cannabis Esperança 7pm – Tarcísio in São Paulo and the privatization package – Carlos Giannazi 8pm – Good night 247 (live) 10pm – Oasis – Meditation: mind control or path of the spirit? (live )

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