Tony Salles admits his desire to embark on a solo career after confirming his departure from Parangolé

Tony Salles
Tony Salles – Photo: Instagram

The singer Tony Salles confirmed last Saturday, February 10, that he will leave the band Parangolé, of which he has been part for 10 years, also revealing that the direction for next year remains uncertain in his professional career.

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However, when asked by the portal ‘BA Notícias’ this past Monday, February 12th, about how he will continue his professional life outside the band, the artist stated that ‘nothing has been defined yet’. “The only thing that is defined is that my last year with Parangolé will be this year, 2024. And from 2025, we can suddenly come with a solo career, we can come with any other project, but let’s wait”, explained the singer from Bahia.

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Afterwards, Tony emphasized: “I have the desire for a solo career, of course. And then, I would keep the company, which is Salvador Produções and Penta Eventos, two companies that I will not leave because the team that is winning is not moving”, anticipated the artist.

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This Tuesday morning, February 13th, Tony woke up very happy and celebrated the success of his new hit, ‘Perna Bamba’. According to the artist, the song exploded and has been featured on the country’s main platforms. “GUYS, my God. In the midst of all this Carnival rush, pause to THANK GOD and all of you because I just saw that WE ARE TOP 1 BRASILLLLL @spotifybrasil #PernaBamba at the TOP“, he said.

And he added: “The penny hasn’t sunk in yet that a Pagodão Baiano sung by two black suburban representatives managed to reach the TOP 1 Brasillllll. My God, what a BLESSING. LONG LIVE PAGODÃO BAIANOOO. Long live Bahiaaaa. @leosantana Wake up to see this my brotheroooo. I love you and thank you for believing 100% in this work. Damn, I’m so happy, you have no idea. I LOVE YOU“, he said.

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Finally, the Bahian thanked: “The fight is gigantic but victory is certain. DON’T EVER DISBELIEVE YOU. YOU CAN. YOU CAN. TAKE AS LONG AS IT IS. It’s time to savor this victory with us. IT’S OURS!!! But, it’s also those of you who never disbelieved that it would be possible“, he declared.

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