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Since Minecraft is a survival game, it has an extensive food and hunger system. As soon as players start working in a world, they begin to lose hunger points, which immediately affects their health regeneration and sprinting. Although there are many different food items and a fleshed-out hunger system, the community has plenty of mods related to food.
Mods are lines of code that essentially modify game mechanics. In fact, Minecraft has thousands of mods for practically every single feature in the game. If players want to expand their in-game variety of food items or improve the hunger system, they can consider getting some of the best food mods out there.
Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinion.
This mod adds a cookbook along with a completely functional kitchen to the sandbox game. Players are able to craft custom blocks such as ovens, fridges, sinks, etc. and even use them to cook food. This is a great mod for players looking to have a fully operational kitchen to cook food in-game.
Furthermore, it is compatible with other food mods, allowing players to add different food items and use them alongside this mod.
As the name implies, this mod adds everything related to sushi, including different variants of the food item itself, the ingredients that go into it, and even the utensils required to cook sushi. This mod even features a minigame where players can keep cooking to get the perfect recipe. Certain sushi dishes will even have special effects on the player as well. If players are fans of this Japanese delicacy, this food mod is an ideal choice.
Spice of Life is a unique mod specifically designed to encourage players to try different food items instead of sticking to just one type. There is a minor level system that tracks what the player is eating and rewards or punishes them by adding or removing hearts from their health bar.
Although this mod is primarily included in other modpacks, it can be downloaded and installed separately as well.
If players want a wide variety of new food items to cook and eat, Croptopia is yet another great food mod option. It not only adds over 250 food items, but even brings in 84 different crops for players to find and grow as ingredients. For better accessibility, the mod even has a guide to help players learn all the recipes and enjoy this mod in its entirety. Interestingly, modern dishes like burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches can be cooked and consumed with this food mod.
AppleSkin is one of the most basic yet highly useful food mods for the game. Players who are new to the game might not know how different food items have different effects on the player in terms of saturation and more. This is where the AppleSkin mod can assist them.
Whenever players hold food items or hover over them in the inventory, an extra indicator shows how many hunger points and hearts a particular food item will grant them when it’s consumed.
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