Two US spies who captured CNI agents detained for leaking secret information expelled from Spain

Spain has forced the departure from the country of at least two American spies involved in the recruitment of the two CNI agents arrested for leaking secret information to the North American country. This is how the newspaper advances it this ThursdayThe country‘, which speaks of an unprecedented situation between Madrid and Washington, countries that consider themselves allies, and that in other circumstances could have led to a diplomatic conflict.

This same week, laSexta was able to confirm that two CNI agents had been arrested at the end of September at the request of Court number 22 of Madrid for the theft of classified information. One of them remains in prison and the other is free with precautionary measures. A leak of information that would have been detected by the National Intelligence Center’s own internal controls.

As ‘El País’ now details, before the summer it was discovered that these agents had accessed classified information for which they were not authorized. The internal investigation later determined that at least one of them, a veteran middle manager, had been bribed by American agents. The other arrested person is his assistant.

According to said media, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, summoned the ambassadorfrom the United States after the summer to ask him for explanations for what happened and also the head of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, conveyed the discomfort of the Spanish Executive for these events.

According to the newspaper, the US ambassador, Julissa Reynoso, assured the Government that I was not awareand apologized. According to the head of the diplomatic legation, the agents who captured the CNI spies They were working on an old programprior to the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House.

A discreet ‘expulsion’

The journalist Miguel González, who signs the information for ‘El País’, has detailed in Al Rojo Vivo that at least two US agents have been expelled from our country for these events, although some of his sources suggest that there could be more. An expulsion, he explained, that given the relationship between both countries, has not been formally carried out as such, but “The US has gone ahead and discreetly withdrawn them before Spain kicked them out.”

In this sense, the journalist has stressed that what happened – capturing agents of the secret service of the host country to spy and thus betray their country – is considered a “hostile act”. In his opinion, “it is evident that the two countries have wanted to keep quiet” about a “very tense” situation that, if it had occurred with another country, could have led to a conflict open diplomat.

The surprising thing about the case, according to González, is that it is the American espionage whoever tries to capture CNI agents, since The secret services of both countries regularly cooperate and they have a fluid exchange of information.

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