up to 90,000 euros per operation

Young people in impoverished areas consider other alternatives, beyond the common and legal ones. Luxury cars, jewelry, boats and even ostentation on social networks and in video clips make some young people see a future for themselves in the way and lifestyle of drug traffickers.

“There is a breeding ground in some areas where there are population groups that They only see drug trafficking as the only resource“Andros Lozano, editor of El Mundo, explains to laSexta.

The State seems absent in the country’s marginal neighborhoods, where unemployment rates are higher than 25% and incomes are at the bottom of Spanish classifications. It is the reality of many municipalities in Cadiz where there is a lack of work. These conditions are acute in the Campo de Gibraltar, an area in which youth unemployment rises to 70%. After all, drug traffickers offer a lot of easy money and, moreover, immediately.

Ana Villagómez is a Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor in Andalusia and assures that “for guarding a night or two, they can earn 1,000 euros”. To which a neighbor in the area testifies that she sees “kids with cars, with money, who buy all the luxuries” and concludes that this “can also be a temptation.”

Nevertheless, you can earn even more. Between 600 and 1,000 euros to act as a point or informant in a stash; from 400 to 1,200 euros for supplying fuel and supplies to the ‘narco-boats’; from 2,000 to 3,000 euros for participating in unloading a cache on the beach. In summary, you can charge 90,000 euros per operation.

But not all young people who want to or who dedicate themselves to drug trafficking do so for survival, but rather “There are people who also aspire to be a narco”Lozano emphasizes.

This aspiration, however, may come motivated by what they see in their homes as a way of living. Prosecutor Villagómez assures that “the problem in this area is that many young people see that their parents are traffickers and they justify it in their own way.” “‘This is a way of life’ or ‘this is not so bad,'” the jurist paraphrases these young people.

And as the experts say, drug trafficking is structural, so it becomes essential to take action. This is how Paco Mena, anti-drug coordinator of ‘Alternativas’, spoke about the issue this Monday in Más Vale Tarde from Campo de Gibraltar: “We have to give opportunities to our young people so that they decide to earn a living in an honest way or with drug trafficking “Once they enter drug trafficking and earn the money they earn, it will be difficult for us to recover them.”

This way, The important thing is education and investing in areas where there is a lack of opportunitiesso that being a drug trafficker is not an option.

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