Valesca Popozuda surprises internet users due to her appearance during a performance on ‘Caldeirão’

Valesca Popozuda (Reproduction: TV Globo)
Valesca Popozuda (Reproduction: TV Globo)

On the afternoon of this Saturday, December 9th, Valesca Popozuda, singer and businesswoman, became a topic on social media when she appeared on television with a new look. The owner of the hit ‘Beijinho no Ombro’ made a breathtaking appearance in ‘Cauldron with Mion‘, but it raised eyebrows among some viewers. According to internet users, the famous funk star looks different after doing some facial harmonization.

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Caldeirão viewers reacted to Valesca Popozuda’s participation in the program and highlighted her appearance, through X – formerly Twitter: “Caralh*, what did Valesca Popozuda do? It’s very beautiful, man”said the first. “The popozuda valley is beautiful, right? My God. Age reaching her with light caresses.”declared the second. “What did they do to Valesca Popozuda, old man?”asked the third. “Valesca popozuda has her face all put together, a rino goes well with everyone”reported the fourth.

+ Valesca Popozuda opens up about a new professional and love phase: “happier”

“I turned on open TV and Valesca popozuda is singing kisses on the shoulder, Happy 2014 to everyone”wrote the fifth. “Valesca popozuda is IDENTICAL to Lady Gaga I’m in shock #caldeirão”said the sixth. “Valesca Popozuda in Caldeirão and it’s super different”said the seventh. “Valesca Popozuda changed her face”, published the eighth. “People! Did they abduct the popozuda Valesca and put another one away?”posted the last one.

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In the month of October, Valesca Popozuda spoke in an interview about her self-esteem and the ‘off’ phase for romance. According to the singer, maturity frees you from other people’s opinions: “Nowadays, being more mature, I have a better discernment about the ‘no’s’ that we receive. It’s part of life. And I don’t even say unfortunately, because because of them we grow, learn, persist and end up achieving even greater things. That’s it, you have to know how to win, but you also have to know how to lose.”the funk singer declared to Gshow.

+ Valesca Popozuda on single life: “I still give a few kisses”

Later, the singer spoke about her love life and demonstrated that she is not focused on that aspect: “I’m loving myself. I’m in a serious relationship with myself. As I say in the song ‘Mo Negoção’, with Kevin O Chris, I’m off for romance. I think that maturity frees you from the pressure of other people’s opinions and, as a result, you live longer. I feel more complete, happier. I’m in a great phase.”said Valesca.

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