Very hot? These are the temperatures that have been recorded today

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Have you felt very hot this Monday? The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) reported the maximum temperatures that have been recorded in the country.

The highest were in the North Pacific, in fact, The highest was in Palo Verde, an area where the thermometer marked 38.4 °C.

In the South Pacific, specifically at the Ciudad Neily station, the temperature exceeded 35 °C. In the Central Valley, The hottest areas were in Santa Ana because the temperatures reached 32.7 °C and 32.5 °C, in Piedades and Pozos respectively.

Other data shared by the IMN that shows how hot this day has been is that In Chirripó, temperatures of up to 22.3 °C were recorded, in the Irazú Volcano 20.3 °C and in Cerro de la Muerte 17.8 °C.

This morning the IMN reported that During the day, high temperatures and muggy conditions were expected in the country.

For tonight the forecast is as follows:

  • Central Valley: Partly cloudy.
  • North Pacific: Partly cloudy.
  • Central Pacific: Scattered cloudiness.
  • South Pacific: Scattered clouds.
  • Northern Caribbean: Little cloudiness.
  • Southern Caribbean: Little cloudiness.
  • Northern zone: Little to partial cloudiness.

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