(VIDEO AND PHOTOS) Suspects of stealing more than 15 thousand liters of fuel are arrested

The agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrested on Wednesday to two suspects of robbery more than 15 thousand liters of fuel in Limón.

This is a man with a surname Barboza, 45 years old, and another last name Cambronero, 22 years old.

The OIJ indicated that Some RECOPE officials alerted the authorities about a decrease in pipeline pressure in the Liverpool sector.

Officers began an investigation into the complaint. and they found that there was an illegal fuel intake.

During the surveillance and monitoring work, the agents saw a truck leaving said place, in which the subjects were traveling on board.

When the vehicle was stopped, the contents were searched and 18 fuel containers were found. Later, the OIJ carried out a raid on the property and 59 more fuel containers were located.

In total, the subjects They stole 15,785 liters of fuel, which, according to the OIJ, would be valued in around 11 million colones.

The subjects were placed under the orders of the Public Ministry so that their legal situation could be determined.

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