VIDEO. Big Brother 2023.- Fury shouted finally! after managing to kiss Lisandro: look at the tremendous peak

Since entering the Big Brother house, Fury mentioned time and time again that he liked Lisandro, but Lisandro, who has been with a partner for a long time, never hinted at anything about it. Finally, after a promise made by the boy, the participant achieved her goal and they both kissed.

The peak between Furia and Lisandro occurred this Tuesday night, when Santiago del Moro entered the house to read the messages from the players’ relatives.

Promise and kiss between Furia and Licha in Big Brother 2023

In that sense, Licha received a “divertite” (it could be just a word) from his girlfriend. After the young man’s excitement, the host of the Telefe program mentioned that Lisandro had promised that, if he was still in the contest after the last elimination gala, he would give his partner a kiss.

After the euphoria and encouragement of everyone present, they both got up from their chair and Fury was determined to kiss him.

Anyway, Fury wasn’t the only one waiting for that peak. The thing is that on social networks, Big Brother fans have been asking for that moment for a while and it finally happened.

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