(VIDEO) Taylor Swift and her boyfriend’s party after winning the Super Bowl

Although the relationship between singer Taylor Swift and American football player Travis Kelce is extremely public, Neither of them had published on social networks about the courtship.

This changed with a video Taylor posted on her TikTok account. this Monday after the team her boyfriend plays for won in the Super Bowl.

In the video, which has 4.7 million likes and 20.5 million views, Swift showed How was the celebration with his friends and family at a famous club in Las Vegas.

The images show the club completely full, to which Taylor hesitated, saying “They told me they were just family and friends.”. The pop star, her parents and Kelce are enjoying themselves comfortably in a VIP section of the club.

The message with which Swift accompanied the video says: “Accidentally going to a nightclub with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life.”since as seen in the TikTok his parents were there and he recorded his father Scott enjoying a beer.

“Bring your parents,” Taylor wrote after showing a face of discomfort at the environment she took her parents to.

During the Super Bowl, the cameras kept pointing at Taylor who was enjoying herself from a suite with Blake Lively and Ice Spice. On several occasions she was seen excited by what was happening in the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

At the end of the game, all the cameras wanted to capture the celebratory kiss between Taylor and Travis, the couple of the moment.

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