Violent and prosperous: the avocado boom and its ties to organized crime in Mexico

The Super Bowl is not the only thing that was celebrated this weekend in the United States. Sunday was also avocado day. More than 3,000 tons of food were consumed on that day alone, according to some of the reviews observed by journalist Gabriela Warketin, who in this chapter of When speaking…, talks to Roman Le Cour Grandmaison. The expert on violence in Mexico and researcher at the organization Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime has just published a report together with Paul Frissard Martínez under the title Violent and prosperous, the avocado boom in Mexico and his relationship with organized crime.

“The signing of the certification for export to the United States immediately causes a boom of deforestation and a boom of criminal activities,” warns the specialist, one of the people who knows Michoacán best and who has mapped organized crime in every corner of the State. In other conversations with the journalist he has analyzed the use of technology in the cartel’s attacks on populations, and this time he focuses on the dark side of what is known as the green gold of Mexico.

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