Virginia Fonseca and Zé Felipe reveal whether they would forgive virtual betrayal

Zé Felipe and Virginia Fonseca
Zé Felipe and Virginia Fonseca – Photo: YouTube

The highly successful national couple, Virginia Fonseca It is Zé Felipe, ended up taking followers by surprise when they appeared on social media answering some questions from internet users. On the web, the couple appeared sitting on the floor of their home, commenting on whether they would forgive a virtual betrayal.

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Faced with the situation, Zé Felipe responded that he would not forgive, stating that betrayal is betrayal. Virginia Fonseca, in turn, beat around the bush and stated that it would depend on the case, leaving many internet users intrigued about her stance on the issue.

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It is worth noting that after the singer’s response, the influencer ended up showing a worried face, insisting on forgiveness, but he continued stating that he ‘wouldn’t forgive’ a betrayal, whatever it may be. As stated above, the video appeared on the web and many internet users reacted: “There’s something there“, said one.

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Guys, I found her question a bit suspicious hahahaha the shine is fading hahaha“, wrote another. “Virtual betrayal is the same thing as physical betrayal…“, said another. “Her attitude was very suspicious lol“, pointed out another. “If you have spicy messages, you already know what the next step is! So it’s cheating, yes“, wrote another internet user.

Watch the video and see the comments:

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More about Virginia Fonseca and Zé Felipe

It is worth remembering that they both got married as a civil couple in 2021 and in an interview with journalist Matheus Baldi, the couple stated that they intend to get married as a religious couple. According to the influencer, if she doesn’t get pregnant in 2024, she intends to throw a luxurious party, with the presence of family and friends, something she was unable to do on the wedding date due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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