Virginia Fonseca says she will take action after rumors involving Neymar: ‘I’m going to sue!’

Virginia Fonseca and Neymar – Reproduction/Instagram

After Virginia Fonseca sharing a post announcing her company’s new partnership with Neymar, the influencer had to deal with nasty comments indicating that the two had something together.

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+ Virginia Fonseca and Zé Felipe reveal whether they would forgive a virtual betrayal Out of respect for Zé Felipe and his family, Virginia revealed during live that she will take legal action against those who share untruths involving her name. “Like, I’m in shock! How can something like that happen? Who does Wepink look like? Who will welcome Neymar to Wepink? I’m outraged, it’s a lack of respect! Now seriously, I never said it, I’m going to sue! Anyone who starts to doubt my character and all because of my company and my work, I will sue!”highlighted the influencer.

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Virginia Fonseca asks for respect

Amid rumors involving Neymar, Virginia Fonseca had already made a post on her Instagram Story asking for respect. In the message, she highlights that they both never had anything and is very happy for the new working partnership.

+ Neymar appears in tears on social media and reveals the reason

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“Neymar and I NEVER hooked up and it NEVER came close to that happening! Stop it, guys… I REALLY admire Neymar and everything he achieved! I respect his trajectory and I’m very happy that we’re working together now.”he said.

Furthermore, Virginia made it clear that Zé Felipe participated in the entire negotiation and that they are both very happy. “This was a HUGE step for our company that is only 2 years old! Having the trust of one of the greatest in the WORLD is something to celebrate!”he stated.

She also asked for respect amid the lies shared on the internet. “I don’t ask for applause from anyone, just RESPECT! I’m married, I have my family, who is EVERYTHING to me, and EVERYTHING is always for them”he completed.

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