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Viva’s dining out editor Jesse Mulligan and inimitable food influencer Albert Cho select Auckland’s best restaurants.
One of the biggest challenges when dining out in Auckland is choosing where to go.
In a city boasting
To narrow down the choices, Viva’s long-standing dining out editor Jesse Mulligan has once again teamed up with inimitable food influencer Albert Cho (@Eatlitfood) to select Viva’s Top 50 Auckland Restaurants for 2022.
The list is highly subjective, written by two of the busiest food reviewers in town, who, like many Viva readers, just love good food.
In forming the list, the duo asked the central question: where do we really feel like going to dinner tonight? Which restaurants have nailed not only the food, but the atmosphere, service and drinks too? The Top 50 Auckland Restaurants are places they’re excited to visit time and again, and readers will be too.
Says Jesse: “This list says, ‘Hey! Auckland is a city with some of the greatest restaurants in the world! Now go out there and give them your love, and of course your money’.”
Enjoy, and get booking.

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