Vox ends the Huesca Periferias Festival: “It only serves to shower progressive culturettes with hundreds of thousands of euros”


Its two councilors conditioned their support for the PP’s municipal budgets on the cancellation of the festival, born in 2000.

Cabo San Roque, in Peripheries 2009.
Cabo San Roque, in Peripheries 2009.THE WORLD

The municipal group of Vox in the Huesca City Council has forced the disappearance of the avant-garde festival Periferias in exchange for the vote of its two councilors, essential for the municipal government of the PP approve the budgets.

The contest, born in 2000, was one of the emblems of the cultural programming of Huesca. Periferias was presented as a multidisciplinary and avant-garde festival, made up of music, cinema, dance, theater, fashion, plastic arts and literature. Each year was dedicated to a specific topic.

Its last edition, held last October, was dedicated to the gypsy culture and the Romani artistic universe and included performances by, among other artists, Diego Amador, Aire Giménez, Raúl and José María Giménez, Pamprán and de Rumbers, Chanela, Niño de Elche, Mariola Membrives or Marcela Cisarova.

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Vox warned months ago that Peripheries was “a red line” to approve the budgets of Huesca. After weeks of negotiations, the votes of its two councilors, decisive for the PP to approve the accounts, have fulfilled their promise. This was indicated by the party itself in a press release in which it announced that the place of Peripheries will be occupied by a “leisure-cultural-festive festival” aimed at the youth world.

The far-right party already warned before Lorena Orduna was sworn in as mayor that it would never support budgets with an allocation for the Periferias Festival, unless this was given a radical turn. Through its social networks, Vox indicated last June that Periferias “It only serves to shower progressive culture with hundreds of thousands of euros. “Whoever wants to govern with us must put an end to this waste.”

The spokesperson for the group, José Luis Rubió, explained that this was one of the “main imprints that Vox has contributed. The Periferias festival is not going to be celebrated as such, since it is no longer included in the budget.”

When Vox threatened to eliminate Periferias before the investiture, the PP came out in defense of the festival. Its provincial president, Gerardo Oliván, today first deputy mayor, said that Periferias was “a festival that has worked“, although “lately it has not had the impact that it had been having.” “Surely we have to give this festival a spin, but Vox had to raise issues that are juicier, more substantial for the city.”

This Monday Oliván confirmed that there is no allocation as such for Periferias, but the same amount is maintained for a cultural festival “that responds to the demand of citizens.” In this regard, he has indicated that “we will do a participatory process so that the people of Huesca, the target audience, can tell us what they want to be done with that money in cultural matters.

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