[Watch the king at a sky-high price]The royalties for the broadcast of “Traveler” are rumored to be worth 500 million, and the movie star changed his job to become a “cook”, which is the most successful reality show – Mirror Weekly GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. [Watch the king at a sky-high price]The broadcast rights fee of “Traveler” is rumored to be worth 500 millionKagami Weekly
  2. The program for Andy Lau only took 36 minutes to spread on Douyin, and he spent 90 million on the production feeChina Times News Network
  3. 90 million in 36 minutes!Douyin spent money to help Andy Lau open a show and was surprised to see “super celebrity guests”│TVBS News NetworkTVBS
  4. Douyin spends 20 million to launch a 36-minute show for Andy Lau. Rumor has it that the target is an actor couple.Hong Kong 01
  5. 90 million spent in 36 minutes!Douyin creates interview program tailored for Andy Launews

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