“We conserve, but developed countries pollute more and more”

The United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP28) gives voice to indigenous people this Saturday. Ailin, an indigenous person from Lomerio, in Bolivia, raises the following criticism in laSexta: “While we conserve, developed countries they pollute more and more“.

ensures that your biggest concern is drought: “Our rivers have dried up. They help us have life because where there are forests there is water; where there is water there is life“. He regrets that “there are economic projects from the government, but they are not in accordance with our cultures.”

Puyr Tembé, a Brazilian indigenous woman from the state of Pará, is at COP28 to protest against deforestation in the Amazon. She regrets that the aid does not arrive: “If it reaches our territory everything will be fine. This way we can get a environmental strengthening“.

They claim to be “so marginalized“that not even their own countries have accredited them to participate in the Summit. The same thing has happened to Wilma Mendoza, president of the National Confederation of Indigenous Women of Bolivia. However, they do not lose hope and they trust to be heard some day. You can obtain more information on this topic by consulting the video located above these lines.

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