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What does Dante Delgado want? Can. What did the national leader of the Citizen Movement lose this weekend? A candidate who predicted good positions. What has he from Veracruz been doing since Saturday? Recomposing your chances of retaining influence. Will he make it?

Samuel García will bear the stigma of having become the laughing stock of Mexican politics. The governor of Nuevo León will carry the image of a novice politician for a while. Those who ignored him attacked him. His godfathers looked bad on him, his true size was undressed.

However, the political loss due to the farce of the president of Nuevo León is not limited to the northern territory. The orange party has remained like squeezed fruit after December 2, when, like a badger taking advantage of the night, García returned to his Palace, left by the presidential race.

This, which was going to be the takeoff, is a Annus horribilis For MC, the party that lives the most in self-aggrandizement in Mexico, and that is saying a lot.

In 2023 they could not field candidates in the important elections in the State of Mexico, the entity with the most votes, and in industrious Coahuila.

In 2023 they were unable to bring the rebellious Morenoist Marcelo Ebrard into their ranks, before and, worse still, after the ruling party’s internalization.

In 2023 they fought among themselves, and for months there was public distancing from, and direct criticism of, Enrique Alfaro, their capable and influential governor. He was neither docile nor obedient to a national leader accustomed to not listening to the ideas of his co-religionists.

And, as already mentioned, this year they tied their fate to a fickle young man (I am not the one who makes him young, he is the one who makes a show of presenting himself as such) politician from Monterrey who was deafened by the sirens of Macuspana to the point that he could not He realized his inability to rule even in his homeland.

Anywhere else, such a record would make it mandatory for the leader of the movement to put his resignation on the table, apologizing for the disaster, genuinely sorry for leaving the organization in such a serious predicament: without a candidate, and without valid justification for so much incompetence.

If what they call “old politics” is so harmful and not very presentable, the first obligation of those in MC was to demonstrate with arguments and tricks that they would know how to impose themselves on the PRI and the PAN, displace them not only with phosphorescent propaganda but, above all, with effective political operation.

His former party, the PRI, and its ally in 2018, the PAN, led by “Alito” and “Markito” (Samuel dixit), dealt a painful defeat to those who were already involved in politics when these forty-somethings were not even born. More than lacking a job, Dante had plenty of ambition, which overwhelmed García.

Exhibited in his inability, the governor swore, regardless of the law and position, that he will do everything possible to erase PAN members and PRI members from the New Leonese map in 2024. The INE – we assume – took note.

For his part, Delgado believes that sneakers give power – something from the stories of then and now, we know -, so like David Copperfield with enthusiastic rhetoric he wanted to disappear a bear the size of the Statue of Liberty. That was on Monday, and on Wednesday he announced the end of the containment block for Morena.

Asking for consistency in campaigns is a luxury. However, it is necessary to ask how they will make presentable, as a supposedly oppositional discourse, the orange obscurity with the excesses of Lopez Obradorism. In other words: how the Emecistas harm the PRIAN by putting themselves on AMLO’s mat.

Perhaps it is that, with the possibility of having a leading candidate fading, Dante Delgado has declared his own year of Hidalgo, Malaya who does not rescue – for himself, the nation – something.

If the initial statement in these lines is correct, in MC they improvise a candidate, which would take them about a month and a half, although they are doing well, they would be willing to negotiate positions in exchange for votes in Congress: because power is the only thing they want.

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