What Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte did during Nicole’s wedding: family trip, jokes and the closing of a stage

Fabián Cubero’s joke with Mica Viciconte’s family

Since their whitewashed split in April 2017, Nicole Neumann and Fabian Cubero They never managed to find peace in their bond as exes. They were together for ten years during which they became parents of Indiana, Allegra and Sienna and since their divorce they faced several fronts of conflict. Money issues, cross declarations and differences in the girls’ upbringing became insurmountable, even when both managed to rebuild their lives.

First it was the former soccer player from Vélez, who formalized his relationship with Mica Viciconte in May 2018 and four years later they became parents of Luke. In mid-2021, Nicole began to be linked to José Manuel Urcera, a car driver then unknown outside the sports environment. Despite some storms, the couple moved forward and formalized their love with two ceremonies, one on November 8 in the province of Neuquén, and another exactly one month later, with an impressive party at a ranch in Exaltación de la Cruz. And as an extra detail, after the mass they announced what was an open secret: that they are expecting their first child.

The joy of Marcela, Mica Viciconte’s mother, for her grandson’s visit (Instagram)

The celebration had about four hundred guests, among whom were Nicole’s three daughters. The fact that seems obvious is valid since Indiana is not going through the best time with her mother since a year ago she chose to live with Fabián, Mica and her little brother. Recently, they have brought closer positions and were able to share two emblematic dates: the teenager’s 15th birthday and the wedding of the model and the pilot. Indiana was seen smiling with her sisters and her aunt Geraldine, key piece to bring the parties closer together.

While the celebration was taking place in Exaltación de la Cruz, Fabián, Mica and Luca They traveled to Mar del Plata to share some time with family. It is worth remembering that both the athlete (in 1978) and the influencer (in 1989) were born in La Feliz and part of their respective families live there. Always active on their networks, they shared moments of relaxation among their own, with a notable participation from Marcela, the maternal grandmother, who showed all her joy for Luca’s visit.

On the left, Lara Viciconte and her nephew Luca. On the right, Mica with her mother Marcela and Lara (Instagram)

“How happy to have Luca. “How I love him!” the woman wrote at the bottom of the photo. Mica also took the opportunity to catch up with her mother and sister. Laura and was shown resting in a Paraguayan hammock. A symbol of relaxation and containment with her loved ones.

For his part, the former captain of El Fortín was present at the closing of the season of his little soccer school. Poroto took photos with the teachers, gave prizes and gifts to the attendees and gave a talk to the kids where he shared his experience in sports. “Happy year to all. Thank you for sharing this beautiful day”he wrote to summarize.

And perhaps remembering his wardrobe times, he played some fun jokes with Emiliano, his sister-in-law Lara’s partner. Her trick consisted of throwing the juice of an orange slice into her eyes. Apparently both had to fulfill a promise and the sequence was recorded on the networks, amid the laughter of their respective companions.

Fabián Cubero’s talk with the boys from his little football school

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