What is the new life of Sofía Oleksak, the last wife of Gerardo Sofovich?

Sofia Oleksak and Gerardo Sofovich at the time of their wedding

Sofia Oleksakwho initially gained recognition as one of the cycle’s attendees Sunday nightwent from the professional to the personal level when she became the romantic partner of Gerardo Sofovich. In April 2009, they both decided to seal their love in the Civil Registry after seven years together, and then celebrate their marriage with a large party attended by more than 400 guests.

“I know I will be with Sofia for the rest of my life.”, the prominent producer expressed at that time. However, just a few months after that high-profile union, both of them separated. Thus, the end of 2009 found them estranged, although just over a year later they both surprised the media again by announcing their reconciliation.

Sofía Oleksak spends her days in the United States in the middle of a new work venture (IG expert_locksmith)

Prior to that reunion, people close to the businessman would reveal that for several weeks and repeatedly, both had conversations on friendly terms. This was despite the highly publicized divorce. Sources who remained close to Sofovich would explain that his desire was, without a doubt, to win back Sofía’s affections. According to these same sources, his efforts were not in vain, since he finally achieved his goal of rekindling his relationship with his ex-wife.

However, in 2011 the differences between the two would be seen again, and as Sofovich detailed at that time: “I bet on love again and things didn’t work out. We’ve been separated for a month because it didn’t work out. I consider that it was finished, we lived together for a month and I told him that I couldn’t do any more,” and then detailed that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “Now there is no relationship, it came to nothing, but I don’t want to tell more intimacies, I am facing new projects of all kinds and since I am a professional I never mix the personal, that is why it was not noticed that I was wrong during my program,” he would explain about the time when he was in charge of Sunday night.

The businesswoman appears on the networks in charge of her business in addition to giving hints about her private life (IG expert_locksmith)

Despite everything, they would later get back together, finally ending their relationship in 2013. “I didn’t think it would last so short, but the man stumbles twice over the same stone. This time I convinced myself that it’s a lost cause. “That gives me great peace of mind, because at least I tried,” said the businessman, just a week after showing themselves united at the premiere of the play Los Grimaldi.

Exclusively for Teleshow, Nazarena Veleza friend of Sofovich, recalled that “he was very in love,” and then elaborated: “I never got along very well with her, sincerely. I never had much skin with her, nor did she with me. “I don’t have the best of memories of her, fundamentally because she made Gerardo suffer a lot.”

Since 2020, after graduating in locksmith technology, he opened his own store: Expert LockSmith (IG expert_locksmith)

As detailed Angel de Brito, the businessman before the final breakup would have made donations during his lifetime to Oleksak that would include “two dormis in Pilar worth 200 thousand dollars each, a truck worth 50 thousand dollars and a house in a country house valued at 450 thousand dollars.” However, the driver also detailed THE M that other assets that remained in her hands were: “A house with an elevator valued at 1.5 million dollars, a gift of 1,375,000 dollars, a bowling alley in operation and a baseball club also in operation.”

Gerardo Sofovich, 77 years old, died on March 8, 2015. The Medical Directorate of the Swiss-Argentina Clinic and Maternity reported at that time that the death occurred “at 7 a.m” and that the driver “He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.” The reason for his death was “hypovolemic shock due to severe digestive bleeding.”

“It was a great love and it will continue to be. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about him,” Oleksak would say after Sofovich’s death (IG expert_locksmith)

“I will never forgive her, it’s the only thing I don’t talk about,” were Sofovich’s words about Oleksak in one of his last interviews. However, when consulted by the press, she would highlight after the death of the producer: “It was a great love and it will continue to be so. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about him.”.

Currently, Sofía Oleksak lives in the United States and since 2020, after graduating as a locksmith technician, she opened her own store: Expert LockSmith in Aventura, Florida. There she is in charge of the business and every day she shares with clients each of the new features, from key chains to new accessories, and even locks with numerical code that avoid the use of keys.

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