Whatsapp launches single-listening voice notes after viewing videos and photos

WhatsApp has officially launched One-Time Voice Memos, a feature that allows users to send a voice message that will disappear once it has been played. As is the case with images and videos.

The instant messaging platform now has an option that allows you to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once from the year 2021, with the aim of adding an additional layer of privacy to messages. In this sense, as was known in March, WhatsApp began working on a similar option for voice messages and, after that, in October, the company began to implement this feature in the versions beta of the application for iOS and Android.

Now, WhatsApp has officially launched single-listen voice memos, which will disappear once they have been played and which are already being implemented for all users globally. As the social network owned by Meta has detailed in a statement, this function has been implemented with the aim of facilitating the sending of confidential information through voice messages “with greater peace of mind.”

As he has exemplified, it is a useful option when reading the data of a credit card or when planning a surprise. This is because, like all messages sent on the social network, WhatsApp will protect single-view voice messages with end-to-end encryption by default.

Likewise, the platform has detailed that the unique visualization is “another example” of its “continued innovation in privacy”. In order to notify users when a voice note is a one-time listen, WhatsApp will introduce a mark with the “one-time only” icon that also appears in images and videos. It is a ‘1’ with a circle around it.

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